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Antica Osteria Del Mirasole: Renewal in Tradition

Description of the project
The Osteria del Mirasole is known for the quality of the cuisine created with local raw materials, awarded as the best Trattoria d'Italia 2020.
The project intends to enhance the Osteria in the context of local tradition, redevelop the environments, improve the offer and innovate the products by improving its attractiveness.
The exhibition spaces will be renovated, innovative tools will be purchased and an e-commerce service will be activated.

The project intends to facilitate the competitiveness of the Osteria, enhancing the typicality of the area and helping to encourage the knowledge and enhancement of the historic shops in the context of the local tradition. Objectives: redevelop environments, encourage integrated promotion, with a new website and e-commerce service, improve production processes with innovative tools and machinery for the laboratory-kitchen.

A significant improvement in the display areas and work tools is expected, which will allow for a further improvement in the quality of the products. With the promotional initiatives, website and new e-commerce service, the aim is to qualify and improve corporate communication, also towards new customer segments, including foreign ones. Electric bikes will provide a new service to customers for discovering the area.

The project was approved under the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region - Por Fesr 2014-2020 and subsequently financed with resources from the FSC 2014-2020 Development and Cohesion Fund.

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Reservations are accepted by booking from the site, Instagram or Facebook.
To speak to us you can do so from 6.00pm to 7.00pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
Uncommunicated delays of more than 20 minutes will result in the cancellation of the reservation.

Opening hours

From 12PM to 3.30PM and from 7.00PM to 11.30PM.


Mirasole Inn

The experience at Mirasole can pleasantly end with a stay after dinner in one of the two rooms on the upper floor, which can be accessed via a wonderful spiral staircase dating back to the 16th century.

Mirasole Experience

We want to pamper our customers with an all-round Mirasole experience, or rather, the entire supply chain! For this reason we have created a package, to enjoy or to give to people who are important to you.


Antica Osteria Del Mirasole:
Renewal in Tradition

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